Is It Safe To Buy Diamonds Online? 5 Ways To Protect Your Investment

Buying a diamond is a massive investment, both emotionally and financially so it is only natural that you want to make it as risk free as possible. While there is a common 網上鑽石perception that it is dicey to buy diamonds online it can actually be far less risky than buying from a jewelry store.

Here are a few reasons why;


Jewelry stores often have a very limited selection of diamonds available and pieces that they can show you. This means that if they do not have the style or diamond that you want, you will have to either settle for what they have, or find somewhere that has a better selection.

Online diamond stores often have the opposite problem, there is so much selection that you can get overwhelmed if you do not know what you are looking for.


With offline stores often there is a limit to how many diamonds that they can have in stock at any time. So their natural aim is to stock the lowest quality diamonds and sell them at the highest prices. They also have the added advantage of being able to use special lighting to enhance the visual effect of their diamonds – this is why so many people become disappointed when their diamond ring doesn’t quite sparkle as much as it did when they bought it!

When you buy diamonds online the chances are that you are going to be offered a selection from entire catalogues. This means that you will have a far better choice of beautifully cut and graded diamonds. The technology available also allows you to see your diamond without the glaring lights and other tricks so that when you actually get it you are more than satisfied.


Because of the lower overheads that online stores have and the fact that many of them have no sales tax applied it is possible that you can save a great deal of money when you buy a diamond online.

Customer Service

When you buy a diamond online the customer service can far exceed that of regular jewelry stores. Remember that it does not have to be an impersonal transaction; you also have the option of ringing and talking to a person that will help you through the process.


Once you have a good idea of what you want, you should ring or ask around to compare prices and availability. You can also check out the returns policy of the online stores, order a diamond and physically compare it with similar ones at your local jeweler.

There are five important checks that you need to do protect yourself when you buy diamonds online;

Check Certification – Make sure that any diamond that you buy has been certified by GIA or AGS – these are the most consistent and industry respected labs.

Check the Vendors Credentials – Any online jeweler will be a part of a professional organization like Jewelers Board of Trade, BBB, etc.

Check the Returns, Shipping, Guarantees and Upgrade policies – These should be fully comprehensive and leave no room for doubt.

Check their Reputation – use forums and blogs to find a retailer who has the best reputation and those whose reputation may be lacking.

Check Your Diamond – When you receive you diamond, get it independently appraised. If it comes out as being less quality or value than you paid for this should be covered by the stores guarantee or returns policy and they should accept the return and refund your money. As this is what an online stores reputation is built on, it would be very rare that an appraisal does not measure up.

The best way to make sure that you are getting the best value and service when you buy a diamond online is to get educated. Learn about the diamond types, the essential 4 C’s and what makes one diamond more beautiful and valuable than the next.

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